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National Fed Resources

Board of Governors

Community Affairs—the Fed's efforts to encourage community development

Consumer Help—Fed help for consumers with complaints or questions about banks or other financial institutions

Discount Window—Fed lending to depository institutions

Economic Education—Fed educational resources for teachers and students

Fed In Print—a wide range of economic research articles published by the Fed

Federal Reserve Jobs—information about careers with the Federal Reserve

Bank Services—a menu of Fed services for bankers, including info about business continuity

The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. Its unique structure includes

Reflecting this structure, which balances centralization with regional presence, the Fed has web sites that are national in scope (see links at right) and regional (see below).

Federal Reserve Districts

Atlanta | Boston | Chicago | Cleveland | Dallas | Kansas City | Minneapolis | New York | Philadelphia | Richmond | San Francisco | St. Louis

Map of System Districts